Jay, The Uber Guitar God (theguitargod) wrote,
Jay, The Uber Guitar God

wow, what a monstrous swing of karma.

So, todays story begins weeks ago, on a Saturday. I left Cosmos after work (at like 2 in the morning) and went to the Plaza to have a few drinks with friends. I come out to my car to find the battery quite dead. So after screaming and cursing and smashing my hand onto the roof of the car in anger, a couple of hobos helped me pry my back seat open while I fished my jumper cables out of the trunk and i got a jump start.

The next day: My hand is truly smashed to bits. I went in to Cosmos and couldnt even open the door my wrist hurt so bad. So Lisa tells me that im fucking worthless and good for nothing and fires me on the spot. Bitch. On my way home I had a seizure and put my poor cavalier into a concrete retaining wall on 65N. 2 things. 1) I didnt fly off the side of the interstate to a death 50ft below, nor fly into traffic and hurt more people than myself. 2) Only damage to the car was a blown tire and a smashed a wheel to bits. So as im riding in the ambulance to the hospital, I decide to call Lisa and give her a piece of my mind. She sounded like she was about to cry, so I felt readily justified. Anyway, so hours and hours go by and eventually im let go from the ER after being bitched out by everyone on the staff *insert random "You could have killed me or my family driving without meds, blah blah blah"*

Melanie comes by the next day after she finally hears what happened. This was the last time ive talked to her. I never had a girl flake on me so bad that she wouldnt even call or something to break up. The bitch just stopped talking to me altogether the next day and wouldnt answer my calls. Anyway, so James from Bailey Brothers calls me bright and early at like 9:30 and im still hungover, wakes me up, and says "Hey, you need a job?" Believe me I perked right up. So here I am now, about 3 weeks later, and im -the- guitar guy at Bailey Brothers now. I couldnt be happier (well, I could, but fuck it, I dont need a girlfriend). I have the best job I could possibly pray for and the money is rolllllling in!

So thank you karma.
Thank you for those who helped me get my car un-broke.

Much love,
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